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Bundanon Trust International Artist Residencies

West Cambewarra, Australia

Soojin Cha

During her residency at Bundanon, South Korea artist Soojin Cha will continue her study of 'embroidery drawing'. This practice explores the 'eternal cycle of wounding, healing and karma' in the artists everyday life. Cha investigates wounds that have been 'imprinted on her body and mind'. Her practice navigates the repetition of external and internal wounds which became a part of her everyday life and inevitably continues her understanding of herself and the world around her.

Cha states "I focus on not only why wound and healing recur endlessly but also what pattern is visualized on embroidery drawing in my karma. The embroidery refers to this mechanism because stitches are all connected at the rear of canvas and they have causal relationship between former and later stitches."

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