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  My signature work is embroidery drawing with collage and installation. Embroidery drawing refers to a drawing by using the embroidery techniques with three-dimensional line. I explore the corporeality of thread in both two and three-dimensional space. As an extension of line, I embroider with any kind of string such as thread, cord, wire, tube, rope, resin, leather, paper and vinyl. The use of various threads brings about a meeting between two-dimensional plane and three-dimensional space. It aims to observe the characteristics of plastic features of three-dimensional lines, which comprise the embroidery drawing.


  Currently my works convey a resonance of wave that is inspired by the energy of organism.

All subatomic particles including organism is composed of energy and its phenomenal manifestations are not static and permanent, but dynamic and transitory. Therefore I express the wave of energy metaphorically. It is expressed from flat surface to spatial space on the theme of the creation and destruction of the energy in the universe through the organic perspective: an action of energy, marrying Eastern philosophy with modern physics.

  My embroidery drawing instigates the deep involvement where the physical and mental body coincides into, then the self and its piece of art become united together. Also it represents the progression and accumulation of time. Ultimately the gesture of embroidery drawing is expression upon life energy as well as a mapping and measuring of real space and structure.


  I have been exhibited at various galleries and Art fair in Korea, China, London and New York. I have had solo exhibitions in Seoul, Korea and have upcoming solo show in New York in 2014. In 2008, my work was selected by Whitney Museum of American Art curator Elisabeth Sussman to partake in a juried exhibition at Viridian Artists Gallery. I am an annual participant in exhibitions held by the Korean Embroidery Council, the Korea Craft Council, Korea craft and design Council, and Ewha Fiber Art Group. In 2013, I received a Bundanon Trust International Residency in Australia.



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