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Green flow


Eternal Energy: Embroidery Drawing


Organization: Global Art Affairs Foundaition



2015.5.9 ~ 2015.11. 22



Palazzo Mora

First Floor, Cannaregio, 3659

Venice Italy 30121


My signature works use embroidery in drawing, collage, and installation by applying an element of linear. I explore the corporeality of thread in both two- and three-dimensional spaces. As a function of extending the traditional line, I embroider a variety of strings including thread, cord, wire, tube, rope, resin, leather, paper, and vinyl with delicate aplomb. Elegantly merging discordant materials, I achieve an aggregation between the physical and emotional upon a singular plane.


In earlier works, I concentrate on the wounding and healing of living things. It was based on my experience and feelings in ordinary days. With several series I focus on the causal relationship between moments of pain and repair. Its mechanisms are the same as the creation and destruction in nature. Ultimately, it is the natural process and activity of energy. My concept of energy and space are the description of natural phenomena based on Eastern philosophy and modern physics.


My recent works convey the resonance of a wave inspired by the energy of organism. All subatomic particles including organism are composed of energy and its phenomenal manifestations are not static or permanent, but rather dynamic and transitory. Thus I express the wave of the energy metaphorically. By using three-dimensional thread lines, the gesture of sewing draws the life energy as well as the mapping and measuring real space and structure.


As curatorial theme, Time-Space-Existence, my embroidery works refer to the relativity of time and extension of space. Fundamentally embroidery demonstrates the accumulation of time and the procedural trait since it requires long time to process. My progressive and active emotions and thoughts are preserved into the work as time advanced and record the reiteration of the three-dimensional lines. Also my deft handling of embroidery holds cultural resonance as well as exemplifying how intricately linked my heritage and society is to my practice. The use of Korean embroidery highlights the influence of my culture while pioneering an approach to installation that at once triggers the past and the future.


The installation, Eternal Protocol which spans the entire space of room, requires audiences’ active participation as viewers weave through the hanging hand-embroidered tube, threads, and wires of the hauntingly expansive work. The work simultaneously addresses the physicality of the participant while light and shadow play with the ephemerality of the material.Also the most recent work on canvas, the Green Flow, embodies my energetic construction methodology. These include threads sweep up and around the energy on the panel, trailing off and expanding at turns. Vivid pastel hues serve as the backdrop for intense tones and flows which conjures the perception of constant movement.  


By working through examinations of personal, social, and cultural resonance, I illustrate the theme of the creation and destruction of the energy in the universe through the organic perspective on the world.  


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